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In addition to BBA / BBA(Computer Application) degrees, ISB&M (Nande) offers add-on professional programme in Media and Communication i.e Mass Communication, Advertising & Journalism to those desirous to make their career in media domain.

The World of Media; Journalism and Mass Communication in general, is changing, driven by the spread of digital technology and social media. Media in all its forms now reaches into all our lives and studying a certificate media course at ISB&M COC will give you a well informed introduction to this complex, exciting and fast-changing world. These intensive and concentrated programmes are designed to align with students professional and personal lives, allowing the students to obtain advanced learning and practices, coupled with artistic commitments, in synchronization with the current global industry practices and their own desire to succeed in the new media playing field.

During their programme period, students immerse themselves in designed media projects that includes three distinctive fields and specialization:

  • Advertising, Public Relations & Corporate-NGO Communication
  • Content, Graphics & Art for Print, TV, Cinema & Web Mediums
  • Productions for TV, Radio, Web & Screen
Programme Structure of Media & Communication Course(Along with BBA/ BBA(CA)
Semester I
Introduction to Mass Communication and Journalism
Digital Photography & Editing
Semester II
Creative Writing: Content & Technical
Print Journalism
Graphic Design and Animation
Semester III
Television Production
Semester IV
Broadcast Journalism
Media Advertising
Online Journalism and Social Media
Public Relations and Corporate Communication
Semester V
Short Film Production and Visual Effect
Media Research
Media Laws
Digital Communication & E-Learning
Semester VI
Media Planning
Science & Development Communication
Final Project

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