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The sports cell offers facilities for several outdoor and indoor games like basketball, volleyball, cricket, table tennis etc. Its main aim is to inculcate values of team spirit, hard work, enthusiasm and passion. ISB&M College of Commerce, Nande, Pune has incorporated the Sports committee from the academic year 2021-2022.

Sr. No. Name Designation Status
1 Prof. Srinivasulu Komarashetty Assistant Professor Chairperson
2 Prof. Mahesh Bhagat Assistant Professor Member
3 Prof. Aparna Malik Assistant Professor Member
4 Prince Kumar Singh Student TY BBA Student Coordinator
5 Sakshi Tajane Student TY BBA Member
6 Ishanya Gupta Student TYBBA(CA) Member
7 Bhairavi Laud Student SY BBA Member
8 Venkata Harsha Chinthala Student SY BBA Member
9 Aneesh Pedram Student SY BBA(CA) Member
10 Swaraj Nimhan Student SY BBA(CA) Member
11 Kunal Rana Student FY BBA Member
12 Aman Kumar Verma Student FY BBA Member
13 Rupesh Gade Student FY BBA (CA) Member
14 Rugved Umak Student FY BBA (CA) Member

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