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The cultural cell of ISB&M is meant to make life more fun-filled, artistic and interesting. It provides a platform for the students to participate and manage cultural and social events successfully. I am pleased to appoint the following Members for the Cultural Committee from the academic year 2021-2022.

Sr. No. Name Designation Status
1 Prof. Dipti Deshpande Assistant Professor Chairperson
2 Prof. Aparna Khare Assistant Professor Member
3 Prof. Neha Saxena Assistant Professor Member
4 Mehuli Das Student TYBBA(CA) Student Coordinator
5 Satyam Raj Pandey Student TYBBA Member
6 Prathana Birajdar Student TYBBA Member
7 Priti Magar Student TYBBA Member
8 Bhairavi Laud Student TYBBA Member
9 Prince Gupta Student SYBBA(CA) Member
10 Sejal Bahirat Student SYBBA(CA) Member
11 Jiya Jagwani Student FYBBA Member
12 Shoheil Shaikh Student FYBBA Member
13 Nishant Waghela Student FYBBA(CA) Member

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