About Library

Welcome to the ISB&M (College of Commerce).The college library is well equipped with large number of textbook, reference books, periodicals, journals and newspapers. The number of books in the library at present is around 2574.The library receives 8 magazines in specialized areas. The library consists of reading hall, internet browsing center, reference section, open access periodical, WiFi Service, Digital Library, OPAC.

Library Services

  • Current Awareness Services:-
CAS enables the students and faculties to become aware of the new arrivals in the library are it books, CDs, DVDs, periodicals, journals or projects. The bibliographic information of the new items in the library in a particular month is listed and circulated to all users to make them aware of the new arrivals in the library.
  • Library OPAC
The Online Public Access Catalogue OPAC is a facility of the AutoLib software where students/faculties can access the availability of a specific resource in the library by browsing OPAC from any computer/laptop within the premises of the Indira Institute. Users can browse books/magazines/CDs /DVDs /projects and ensure if they are available in the library or issued. OPAC has made it easy to take the library on the desktop of the user and provide spontaneous service to the Users.

Library Web OPAC

With in Access on Computer LAB & Library Refer Below link

Access on ISB&M_Wifi,Academics Computers and from anywhere refer below link

EBSCO Database Access

Document Scan Facility, Reprography Services, Multimedia Facility Services, News Paper Clipping, Digital Library etc services provide to users.

  • Current Content:-
The Current contents service is useful to many students and faculties who have short of time and wish to know at a glance about the new articles published in the journals & periodicals. The contents page of important subject specific journals & periodicals is scanned and emailed to all users to enable them to understand the topics under discussion for the month in various journals & periodicals. This service can be said to save the time of the users.

  • Inter Library Loan:-
Many times it is not possible to have almost all books on a certain subject due to non-availability of older editions or some other constraints, such books can be borrowed from another library and made available for reference to the users. Such borrowing of rare books done by one library to other library is called as Inter library Loan
  • Ready Reference:-
 Many times the information that students or faculties are required is not available in books. Therefore the Librarians search for such type of information through internet and email it to the concerned person so that the information is readily available.

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